2014 Goal (100 lb loss)

2014 Goal

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

20 lbs down

As each day passes, it's getting easier and easier to eat the restricted diet. Don't get me wrong, I am hoping and praying that phase 3 comes fast, because I'd rather eat to maintain. It's just been easier to not be as tempted.

So today I hopped on the scale and it shows 319.6! That's an exact 20 lbs loss. I was going to wait until Friday to blog again, but I felt like this was a milestone that should be visually celebrated.

I will put up my before and afters once I finish the full 6 weeks on restricted. That should be around August 16th.

I made my own version of a apple/strawberry pie last night. It wasn't bad but could have used some Stevia. I'm not allowing stevia at this point to try and lower my blood sugars.

1 gala apple
9-10 med strawberries
dash of nutmeg (I would reduce or cut this out. It was a little overpowering)
dash of cinnamon
2 crushed up melba toasts

Bake at 375 for 25-30 mins and serve.

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